Why Polish Concrete Floors are Better for Your Restaurant?

One of the notable benefits of Polish concrete floors is their resistance to stains. Being a restaurant or café owner, you know that spills are inevitable …

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3/5/20246 min read

Meta title: Why Polish Concrete Floors are Better for Your Restaurant?

Meta Description: One of the notable benefits of Polish concrete floors is their resistance to stains. Being a restaurant or cafe owner, you know that spills are inevitable …

Why Polish Concrete Floors are Better for Your Restaurant?

Are you creating a new restaurant or remodeling an old one? You must be wondering what the perfect restaurant floor would look like. Well, it should be tough enough to withstand constant foot traffic and spills, yet easy to clean and maintain. There are plenty of flooring options, and each has its unique features, but Polish concrete floors tick all the boxes. 

Concrete polish floors are easy to clean and complement the aesthetics of your restaurant. For these reasons, the polished concrete market size is expected to hit USD 3 billion in 2025 from 2.2 billion in just five years. Want to know more about Polish concrete and why it's the best option for your restaurant flooring? Let's begin!

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the process of grinding and honing the concrete and applying abrasives and chemical densifiers to enhance the concrete's durability and give it a glossy look. 

The concrete polishing procedure is labor-intensive, involving multiple steps to achieve the desired finish. As a result, the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits of a polished concrete floor are unmatchable. These floors often have a smooth, satin-like finish and are available in various designs, sizes, and patterns. 

Why are Polish Concrete Floors a Good Option for Your Restaurant?

The following points highlight the benefits a Polish concrete floor brings to your restaurants and why you should opt for it:

Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Restaurants often face heavy foot traffic. People eat at tables or wait in lines to get their orders, subjecting the restaurant floor to wear and tear. This is where polished concrete floors come in as a sigh of relief. 

These floors have gone through grinding and honing, applying chemical abrasives that make them dense and highly durable. The inherent strength of this flooring keeps it fresh under demanding conditions. As a result, as a restaurant owner, you don't have to go for frequent maintenance and replacements. 

Easy to Clean 

Restaurant owners must keep a clean and hygienic environment for the health and satisfaction of their customers. Polish concrete floors are easy to clean. Unlike typical flooring, there are no grout lines or seams where dust or debris may accumulate. 

The smooth and seamless surface of polished concrete makes it easy to wipe away spills, crumbs, and other dirt with a mop or sweep. This ease of cleaning makes it easy for restaurant staff to keep a pristine look throughout the dining area. 

Resistance to Stains 

One of the notable benefits of Polish concrete floors is their resistance to stains. Being a restaurant or cafe owner, you know that spills are inevitable, ranging from stubborn wine and tea stains to accidental cold drink spills. Therefore, you need to choose flooring that's non-porous and repel liquid. Polish concrete floors are exactly that. 

This flooring solution goes through a grind and seal process, giving it a shiny and waterproof finish. This allows restaurant owners to keep their floors fresh and presentable, even in the face of frequent spills and messes. 

Note: Although Polish concrete floors are waterproof, they aren't completely protected from stains of acidic or pigmented materials. These things can result in discoloration or permanent staining if not cleaned properly and timely. 

Prevents Mold Growth 

As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is mold and bacteria to thrive in your restaurant. These can jeopardize your employees' and customers' health and safety, compromising the overall appearance and hygiene of the restaurant. Being non-porous and water-resistant, polished concrete floors can be an effective solution against mold growth.  

They don't trap moisture to become a breeding site for mold and bacteria. This resistance to microbial growth creates a hygienic environment in restaurants. There's also less risk of food contamination and other allergy triggers, keeping the staff and customers in the best health. 

Safe for the Environment

Compared to other flooring solutions, Polish concrete floors are environmentally friendly. These floors have a negligible carbon footprint in terms of raw material consumption since they utilize existing concrete floor slabs. The only products applied are water-based hardeners and stain-resistant treatments. 

In addition, Polish concrete flooring is often made using recycled materials like crushed glass, metal shavings, and marble chips to make it visually appealing. Using these materials that would otherwise be discarded and pollute the environment makes this flooring sustainable. 

Here comes the best part - polish concrete floors don't emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This ensures the restaurant air is clean and safe for everyone. 

Saves Money 

Polish concrete floors are a sigh of relief for restaurant owners who are short on budget but want durable and functional flooring. These floors cost way less than wood floors. On average, you can expect to pay around $3 to $9 per square foot for their installation. 

Remember, the cost may vary depending on the type of polish you want, the restaurant location, and the complexity of the design. 

Besides, Polish concrete flooring doesn't require frequent maintenance or repairs, reducing long-term expenses for restaurant owners. This combination of low installation cost and minimal maintenance makes Polish concrete floors a budget-friendly option for restaurants of all sizes. 

Enhance Visual Appeal 

To attract maximum customers to your restaurants, you need to focus on the food as well as the aesthetics. Polish concrete flooring can make this easy for you! These have a sleek and modern look that boosts the ambiance of the restaurant. 

On top of that, its glossy finish and smooth surface create a clean and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements a restaurant's theme and design. Wait, there is more - these floors can even be customized through various finishing and coloring options to match the restaurant’s theme. 

Tips to Clean and Maintain Polish Concrete Floors

If you've recently installed a Polish concrete floor in your restaurant, you must be wondering about how to clean and maintain it to keep a pristine look. Well, Polish concrete flooring doesn't require much cleaning. Just follow the below tips, and you are good to go:

Step 1: Use a Dust Mop or Broom to Clean Dust Particles 

The first step in cleaning your Polish concrete flooring is to use a dust mop or broom. Sweep the complete floor using the mop or broom, and pay special attention to the corners of the floor as dust tends to accumulate there. This helps eliminate dust particles, laying the foundation for a more comprehensive cleaning process.

Step 2: Vacuum the Floor 

Once you are done with mopping dust, it's time to use a vacuum cleaner to further remove dirt. A vacuum cleaner removes finer particles and any debris the mop has missed. However, using a soft bristle attachment is important to ensure your concrete floor doesn't get any scratches. 

Step 3: Use Damp Mop with a Cleaning Solution

Now, dampen a mop with a cleaning solution to rinse any stubborn stains. For this, just fill a bucket with water and add a cleaning agent. The cleaning agent or solution should be pH-neutral to avoid damaging the Polish concrete. Clean the mop in the bucket after every sweep or pass to make sure you clean the dirt and do not spread it again. 

Tip: Avoid acidic solutions and harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. It's because these solutions can strip the floor of its gloss, impacting the overall ambiance of your restaurant. 

Step 4: Baking Soda for Stubborn Stains 

Some stubborn stains will stay on the floor even after vacuuming and mopping. So, you should make a baking soda paste by mixing one part of the soda with two parts of water. Apply the paste onto those stains and let it stay there for a few minutes. After that, wipe it away, of course not too hard, and you'll see the stains are gone. 

Step 5: Use a Soft Cloth to Dry the Floor 

The final step in this cleaning process is to use a soft cloth or towel to dry the floor. Wipe the complete surface in a gentle, circular motion to absorb any remaining moisture, and keep doing it until the floor is completely dry. Pay extra attention to areas where water may have been pooled, like the corners of the floor. Once dried, the polished concrete floor is ready to welcome customers while maintaining a clean look in your restaurant. 


Polish concrete floors are an incredible option for restaurant owners who want long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing flooring. Polish concrete requires minimum maintenance, saves money, and is environment-friendly. Moreover, it prevents mold and bacteria growth, keeping your restaurant staff and customers healthy. 

Cleaning these floors is also hassle-free; you only need a mop, vacuum, and a ph-neutral cleaning solution. 

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