Grinding Polishing

What is polished concrete?
Polished concrete is a mirror-like floor that enhances any location. There are a wide range of colors and patterns that can be achieved on the floor, depending on the client’s needs. The shine is achieved using acrylics, polyurethanes or epoxies. Heavy duty machines with diamond impregnated disks grind the concrete surface with different sets of grits until a scratch-free floor is achieved.

There are a few methods and styles used to grind the concrete surface. The most commonly used method is the dry method, but there is also a wet method. At Conexxo Floors, we prefer the dry method, which uses commercial vacuums in combination with grinding machines to grind the concrete until it’s dust free.

Why polished concrete?

  1. Polished concrete provides a stylish alternative to other types of flooring, such as tile, carpet, wood, etc.
  2. You’ll never have to change the floor again. Just apply one or two coats of polyurethane, acrylic or epoxy to make the surface look new.
  3. Polished floors are more aesthetically pleasing and cleaner than conventional floors. They are also more cost effective. Polished concrete doesn’t harbor microbes, dust and is very easy to clean.
  4. Polished concrete is breathable so you will never have problems caused by moisture that affect conventional flooring.

Can all concrete be polished?

No, only hard concrete with a PSI of 3,000 or more can safely be polished. If the concrete is soft, there are a number of options.

Pros and cons of polished concrete:

Polished floors are highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals and require very little maintenance.
They are highly susceptible to stains, such as wine spills. Some chemicals will stain the floor and the area would need to be re-grinded.