Repairing a concrete floor requires the “know how” and the expertise. This includes knowledge of the correct materials and equipment that make the repairs last.

What can be repaired on concrete?

Just about anything can be repaired. This includes holes, hairline cracks and wide cracks. Not all repairs are an easy fix, some are tedious and technical. However, repairs are an essential part of the overall process to having a flawless polished concrete or epoxy floor.

What materials are used to repair damages on concrete floors?

We use a combination of skim coat cement and epoxy patching for pinholes. For medium holes, we use hydraulic cement. This type of cement dries in an hour and is very hard when dry. For big holes, we use a combination of hydraulic cement, epoxies and other types of cements, which are necessary for the patch to hold on to.

Optional/Decorative Patching

Conexxo Floors also offers decorative patching for clients worried about big trenches, holes or cracks that are all over the floor.

What does decorative patching consist of?

We have a wide range of options for our clients to choose from, with many variations in color and texture. We can also mask trenches with a layer of hydraulic cement and seal it with acrylic sealers. The third option clients have is to add designs to the cracks, holes and trenches in the floor for an artistic and beautiful final product.

How do you make a patch last a lifetime?

People often think that patching means just opening a hole in the concrete and putting cement on it, but that’s far from the truth. We at Conexxo take pride in everything we do, down to the tiniest details. When we encounter a floor that is neglected or has lots of holes and cracks, we treat them with either epoxy resins or a combination of hydraulic cement with rocks, self-levelling cement and epoxy or acrylic, to ensure the lifetime of the patch.

Before: This floor resembles the damage done by a metal mesh which was positioned too high thus causing damage to the concrete as shown.

After: This decorative patching was done as specified by the customer and to protect the weaker areas. It was done with 100% color epoxy to cover the patching work and provide a layer of protection to the area.